No strings attached. Honest.

The 412 is an investment in community by the people of the Faith Presbyterian congregation in Emmaus. The Faith Presbyterian community is trying to better understand what it means to love and help our neighbors unconditionally and without any strings attached. We’ve learned that despite the best intentions and hearts in the right places, it is impossible to really love and help our neighbors if we remain strangers.

Instead of only meeting those neighbors who are compelled to come to the Faith Church building, which is well hidden in the north end of the Borough, we seek to meet our neighbors in the heart of Emmaus. Our goal is NOT to evangelize, proselytize, judge or (fill in the blank with other feared church agenda), but to bring life and community to Emmaus while earning the trust and friendship of our neighbors.

We are kids, youth, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who live ordinary lives, but want to be people of love and peace with no strings attached in extraordinary ways.

 About Us

About Us

The 412 is an open space on the ground level of 412 Chestnut Street. It is a little less than 1000 square feet of gathering space with tables, chairs, TV and a coffee maker. It is warm, relaxed and handicap accessible. The 412 is a space for the people of Emmaus to gather around books, art, music, homework, football, etc. It is a space for workshops, screenings and seminars that promote health and peace within our neighborhood. It is a place without an agenda (other than to be a safe place for the people of Emmaus to congregate) and is open to ALL of the community. The identity of the 412 is defined by the people gathered within at any given moment. Sometimes the 412 is an art gallery featuring the work of local artists, sometimes a classroom, and sometimes just an open community living room.


Have an idea for a one-time event or regular meeting activity?